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vrf AW: Do you use .NET in VEE?

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Oct 5, 2004
"  So go out and buy Visual Studio,
pay Bill, and live happily after purchase." Rufus

Really - NO NEED to buy Visual Studio to use .net !

MS offers some parts for free ( really ), and there is also a nice IDE for
free which is called Sharpdevelop...

And for using the .net functionallity - we are just using VEE.

For me .net it is not that bad and coming from the evil - it is a good step

2 main reasons for this:

1) Hardware independancy
The target is - write your software once, and run it on any hardware-device.
Oh what a dream !  The idea coming from Suns JAVA or more specific from the
TAO- group (Have a look at ) And MS is targeting this
direction with all its problems and benefits. Its not ready for sure (and
not easy of course )!

- Just imagine you would construct your VEE program via graphical blocks
like now , and these programs would run on PCs, Handhelds and other
Smartphones. Without program change or recompilations . Oh - WHAT a DREAM
MAybe this never comes into reality- but it is a target.

2) New Standardisation
If you want to make something better, you have to cut the old hair
.net uses a unified Dataset system, so that the Datatypes are common for
different .net languages. Big deal ! You can combine C++, C sharp or
code within your application- depends on what is the best for you.
You are not forced to through away your old applications like VB6 - there is
a coexistence for a certain time guarantee.

So my conclusion: do not hate it , and do not love it - just give it a try.
And for beginners like me it is the right time to get on the horse

best regards,

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