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vrf VEE Promotion in Korea.

Question asked by jcpark on Oct 5, 2004
Hello everyone,

Some of you might not like the type of email, but I thought that VRF is
the best place where I could get what I need to have and expect that you
could do so.

I am running a company,Kornets Co. Ltd., a Channel Partner of Agilent
Korea since the end of May this year, and responsible for the sales,
marketing and technical support of Agilent's Connectivity products -
VEE, T&M Toolkits, GPIB.

Agilent is very strong in Korea. However VEE needs to be promoted
further. That might be one of the reasons I was hired as a channel

Hence I am going to be more responsible for my job and found that there
has not been much activity - a local user group for VEE,  and materials
have been provided in English.

Over past couple of months, Kornets have done followings:
- Created a localized website just for Agilent Connectivity
- VEE User's Guide was translated into Korean for free pdf download.
- Wrote VEE Hands-on seminar manual(50 pages) - free pdf download.
- Printed VEE Evaluation CDs for free hands-out and free mailing.
- Held VEE Hands-on seminar + GPIB Demo in September, 8
classes.(Hands-on seminars will be held every month.)

However you might guess, those are not enough for VEE promotion. I need
much more valuable materials and information to provide to local
potential customers. Thus I am looking for volunteers and companies who
can supply Kornets with whatever could help VEE promotion in Korea.

The types of materials and info, I am looking for, are as follows:

- Application notes
- User solutions
- VEE products(toolkits and add-ons,  either free or paid)
- links
- program examples
- books published or not published
- event(seminar, tradeshow...)
- and anything you think useful

I am planning to translate those info and materials as much as possible
and post on Kornets home pages( so that local
customers can get localized worldwide info.

So, if you could supply them, please inform me how your info should be
handled also. I will get back to each of providers for specific issues
or send me emails personally.

- you allow for translation and posting(or need any written permission)
- you allow for links(as raw or with limited localization)
- any other choice?

And I could be representing your companies for sales and other
activities in Korea as long as it helps VEE promotion.

Best regards,
JC Park
+82-31-563-9661, +82-16-418-1850(mobile)

Kornets Co., Ltd

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