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Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 20, 2004
> Are there any sites for VEE
> where I could find information
> like example programs etc.

For examples it's hard to beat the /examples directory that's installed
along with VEE. Nevertheless, there are a few:

Eventually I'll have a lot of examples on-line, though it's going to take
quite some doing. I'm at Examples previously
posted on the VRF are currently available via email using the ArBot
( The instructions
contain example searches. I added a search request form also at to help with composing
commands to the ArBot.

I'm in the middle of constructing a web-based search for the same archive.
I'm also planning a Links page that will include all the VEE Examples I can
-SHAWN- Keeper of the unofficial VRF Archive at:

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