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vrf put VEE app on standby

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 26, 2004
> Is there a way to minimize or put your program on standby ?

Excellent question. You can use the ProcessView application (from Microsoft,
not mine)  to drop priority or even suspend a process. And there is a
SuspendThread call in kernel32. Finding the process is no problem, but
getting all it's threads is interesting. But the answer is yes, it is

In fact, I think I'm of the opinion (sort of) that it's possible to "freeze"
or "hibernate" a VEE application, where one would run the freeze application
and the VEE process would be saved. Run a thaw or unfreeze and it would be
restored to the exact condition it was frozen at. Even after a reboot. That
might be pretty challenging though. I know that VEE still maintains a lot of
it's own state data. It would involve saving not only the entire VEE memory
space but saving a lot of Windows specific information and restoring it
properly. I'm not sure I could do that.

Of course, you could just press Pause on the toolbar

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