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vrf Importing DLL's, passing by reference

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 19, 2004
> Ouch! I git confused.

It *is* confusing... it's not just you

> Can't be done cause c thinks its at the end of string

No - C (or any other language for that matter) will happily do whatever you
want it to, it's just that if you tell a copy function that a buffer is n
bytes long and it's actually 0 bytes long it will write into memory you
don't intend it to write into. At the very least, some other variable gets
overwritten. At worst, it writes beyond the process's memory space and that
results in a GPF. Er, Access Violation. That's that "0xC0000005" deal where
it says that process x tried to write to address y, "the memory could not be

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