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vrf Zebra printer

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 21, 2001
<HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><FONT  SIZE=2>Dear Users,<BR><BR>New to this service this week. Seems excellent!!  Just wish I had found <BR>earlier ( ~ 2 years ago when I bought HPVee 5) !!!!<BR><BR>Three Questions:<BR><BR>1) Anyone got experience interfacing VEE to Zebra Stripe S400 label printer <BR>with BarTender-version 6 software package (Seagull Scientific Systems). I <BR>wish to use using this to print test result labels, hopefully from my VEE <BR>program. At present, my test program builds up and writes to an external text <BR>file.<BR><BR>2) Is the upgrade to VEE6 worthwhile for the cost?<BR><BR>3) Found function 'Timestamp' in an example shipped with VEE5.01, which I <BR>have used extensively but if you click on 'help' for this, it is not <BR>available.<BR><BR><BR>Kind regards,<BR><BR>Ashley Derrick (Smart Solutions) HULL, England<BR><BR><BR></FONT></HTML>