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Question asked by carnahal on Nov 4, 2004
> but only in a language that someone who already knows about
> dotnet would understand!

Yeah I get yelled at for doing that all the time. Let's see, who was it?
Godel? "No system can be fully described in terms of itself". Or something
like that. A closed system can't be fully described in it's own terms...?

> does anyone know how to invoke this environment stuff?

No problem - mscorlib.System.

So how did I know? Well, I basically guessed because I didn't see
Environment anywhere but it's used as if it were an enumeration, so I
figured it would be in the System namespace somewhere.

Advice: doing .NET without the .NET Framework SDK Documentation is like
trying to find Navy Pier from Union Station with a blind fold on. IOW you
can probably figure out the right direction but you'll most likely wind up
in the lake.

I opened up the dox and typed "Environment.S and like magic the hilight
jumped directly down to Environment.SpecialFolder enumeration". And low and
behold, there it is. All the information you ever wanted and then some.

The .NET Framework SDK can be had for free from:
(all one line)

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