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vrf P&P drivers, learn strings, ...

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 4, 2004
Not sure, but I think Agilent has a plug&play driver in the zip file,
driver_vxipnp_875x_a_01_01.exe.  So go to the Agilent site and do a search.

Let us know if it works.


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Subject: [vrf] P&P drivers, learn strings, ...

(VEE Pro 6.2, WinNT)

I am currently interfacing an 8753B, though other 8753x's may need to be
supported later.  Right now, I'm trying to upload and store the Learn
String, using a Direct I/O transaction.  The upload itself works, but I'm
not clear on how to get the result into a file.

In the VRF archive, I found a similar question; one answer simply said to
use readLongLrnString() from the XIplug&play instrument driver.  I haven't
used any P&P drivers so far. has drivers for the 8753D & E,
but not explicitly for the 8753B.

1. I'm inferring from this that I can't use the P&P driver?

2. If I can't, I can still  read the Learn String with a Direct I/O
    'read BinBlock'.  How would I get this into a file?


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