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vrf 34907A DI/O module

Question asked by antti.suhonen on Nov 9, 2004
Hi Alex,

     Try e.g. 'SOUR:DIG:DATA 182, (@101)'

     Have to be careful with spaces and parens; they're evil, so I've heard ;D


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> Subject: [vrf] 34907A DI/O module
> Hi all,
> If any of you use this modules, could you let me know the
> command you use
> to configure the module to DOUT? - and to write data to it??
> Can't find anything on how to configure it to DOUT, although
> I can do this
> manually.
> I'm trying everything it says in the book to write to it, but
> the thing
> just beeps at me.
> I've tried...
> sour:dig:data 255 , @102
> and many other iterations, eg, no spaces around commas,
> without the 'sour',
> specifying 'byte'  etc.. none of them work!
> vrf - you're my last hope before it goes through the window!!
> Al.
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