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vrf Moving 'main' panel to userfunction

Question asked by michael.l.brown on Nov 8, 2004
The comparison function in the Excel spreadsheet is just a simple string
equivalence check of comparable lines of code, for example:


Most of the work was involved in manually aligning the cells in each column
(program variant) so that each row contained equivalent or nearly equivalent
code or was blank if the code did not appear in that variant.  Selected
columns of code were then compared.  If the above IF comparison gave a
hyphen, the respective lines of codes were identical.  Otherwise, there was
a difference (flagged by a "1"), however small.  So in reality the
comparisons were more of a bookkeeping aid rather than anything fancy.
Still, the exercise demonstates the possibility of generating VEE program
variants by text-editing the .vee file.  I have seen an occassional example
of this technique on the reflector.  The trick is to generate something that
VEE is happy with.


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> I have an Excel spreadsheet (Move_panel.xls) comparing the
> code for the following series of simple VEE programs:

Hey, that's pretty cool. What function did you use to do the comparison?

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