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vrf Source File Name in Executable

Question asked by a.kieser on Nov 8, 2004
Hi there,
is there a convenient way to get automatically the file name of the file the
runtime version is created from to be shown in the executable?

For a better understanding:
I create a file 'c:     emp     est07.vee', from that I create an executable
'test.vxe'. Now I want to see - e.g. in an alphanumeric display - a message:
'Source file: c:     emp     est07.vee'. When I create 'test.vxe' from
'c:     emp     est08.vee' it should be shown 'Source file: c:     emp     est08.vee'
without manual changes of the alphanumeric display of the source file .

Thanks for an answer in advance,
with best regards,

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