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vrf Difference in ActiveX interface between VEE5 and VEE6 execution m

Question asked by alexander.poulikakos on Nov 5, 2004

I'm calling an ActiveX Object (an application written in C) from VEE (VEE6.2) via the ActiveX interface.
The return value from the C application is of Type VARIANT.

When I'm in VEE5 execution mode there is no problem at all. VEE accepts the format of the return value.
Which is actually a RECORD with three fields. Each field are of Type: "Int32:Array 1D"
(the sizes of the arrays differs, which shouldn't matter, or?).

However, if I change to VEE6 execution mode I get the following error message:
Error Number: 551
Error Message: "Cannot convert incompatible ActiveX automation data type "

What's the differences between the ActiveX interfaces regarding VEE5 and VEE6
execution modes? Why is the ActiveX data type incompatible in VEE6 execution mode,
but not in VEE5 execution mode?


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