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Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 23, 2001
Hi Barrie,
          I started off thinking about checking syntax and all that but I
think I have a simple way to do this - put your potentially offending
formula object into its own UserObject and add an Error pin to the
enclosing UserObject.

Mike Watts

Message text written by Barrie Walden
Hi Folks,

I need to allow program users to type in some literal values mixed with
variable names to be used as a "formula" input to a formula object.  If
the typing is done correctly (literals in quotes and variable names
spelled correctly) everything goes well.  However, a typing mistake can
crash the program.  I added an error pin on the formula object which
activates a warning message and this catches many input errors -
unfortunately it doesn't get them all.  As an example, if #SWR01 is
entered as a literal instead of "#SWR01", the resulting "Illegal Base"
formula error is not trapped.  Formula syntax errors are also possible
and are not trapped.  Does anybody know of a better way to test a
formula before trying to use it?


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