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vrf Migration to VEE 7.01 (3 problems)

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 18, 2004
Well, I've seen this before.  It is not a .NET issue, it is a VEE issue.
Seems VEE runs the development with ref to a different path than the
runtime.  I know, I know, what does this have to do with anything.  I don't
know ask VEE, but what I did, I made sure all my directories were seen by
the runtime.  Since I had a user installable runtime, I simply packed
everything into a single folder, reachable from the install folder.
Including all bitmaps, since I ref'ed the bitmap at the properties menu.

Unfortunately .NET was a different issue, what I did was make sure the .NET
framework was installed, if I could not find it when loading or executing, I
used a Draconian method, I installed it.  How about that for fishing with a


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Subject: [vrf] Migration to VEE 7.01 (3 problems)

I currently have three problems with my VEE 7.01 test bed.
This is a machine that was started from scratch and had only VEE 7.0
(upgraded to 7.01) installed.
VEE 5 and 6 were never present on this machine.
The .NET SDK 1.1 was installed so that the help files would be present.
My files were created previous to VEE 7.01.
All were last saved in VEE 6.02.
I have my test files in a folder at C:Test.
My specs are at C:Specs (and subfolders below).
A desktop shortcut pointing at the appropriate VEE file then uses the start
in feature to use the correct specs subfolder.

Problem 1 (related to the picture bitmap.jpg attached).
The first problem is more of an FYI, but I'm still interested in what is
I have embedded picture paths in User Functions.
Only the program copies that need to use these UFs get the pictures copied.
6.02 only complains if one tries to run the UF that needs the pictures.
VEE 7.01 complains upon load.
I have two fixes for this one it seems.
I can add the clutter of copying these everywhere, even though they aren't
Or if I overwrite the VEE 6.02 file with a 7.01 save (no other changes),
this caution goes away.

Problem 2 (related to the picture psapi.h.jpg attached).
When I open my .VEE file saved in 7.01 format (I didn't try it in the older
format) and run I get an error.
VEE errors with a cannot find psapi.h in my c:specsFinalTest2 directory.
(It does this with other sub spec directories, too.) A search of the machine
turns this file up under the path "C:Program
So this is obviously a .NET SDK file.
I have no notion of what VEE want it for.
I have not added any .NET capabilities into these files yet.
I thought this might be a permissions item, so I gave my testers full access
from "C:Program FilesMicrosoft.NET" propagated all the way down.
This didn't help.
Copying the file to the directory does fix the problem, but I don't know why
VEE wants it.
(I'm not keen on copying every file VEE errors on into my directories.)
Anyone know how to fix this error?

Problem 3 (related to the picture loop.jpg attached).
This problem is related to development only.
Runtime seem to ignore it.
When I open my file in development and run it, every time it comes to a
loop, I get the caution attached.
It indicates that the loop.icn file was not found at "c:program
fileshewlett-packardvee 5.0 itmapsloop.icn".
This must be embedded in the .VEE file somewhere, since no earlier version
has ever been on this computer.
Renaming the .VEE file to a .TXT allows me to search for loop.icn.
While I see this many times, I don't ever see that path explicitly defined.
Anyone know what and where I need to change a path to get this error to go

<<bitmap.jpg>>  <<loop.jpg>>  <<psapi.h.jpg>>

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