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vrf 3-D Plots?

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 17, 2004
Hi All -

sorry for this trivial question but frustration is growing and maybe
is a way to do this..

Is there a way to resize objects without having predefined resize steps?
E.g. when I try to resize a check box by clicking on one of the corners
and dragging it, the item "snaps" to certain sizes.
I cannot give it the exact size that I want it to be.. very frustrating

For some objects I can specify the size dirctly through the properties
but seemingly
I cant do this with all objects, e.g. check box does not have a size
entry ..  why not?

It would be nice to disable the snap feature and allow resizing by
maybe pressing shift while resizing by mouse could disable the snap

Anyway if someone knows a way to set the size of a check box manually
please let me know..

Many thanks,

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