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OLE Object Package from VEEPro SUCCESS

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 24, 2001
From: Wilfred E. Sears

From: Ted Sears

Greetings all,

Good news regarding VEEPro, databases, and LongBinaryData OLE Objects

No more DAO GetChunk and AppendChunk headaches.

There is a new feature, as of ADO 2.5, for writing BLOBs into a database
field from a file and,
alternatively, reading BLOBs out to a file.

The new functionality is associated with a Stream object.

For example:

Stream.LoadFromFile(FileName); and Stream.SaveToFile(FileName, Options);

I have a VEEPro application developed that I could provide as a model upon
The model creates an array of data, saves it to a scratch file and then
loads the Stream
object from the scratch file and updates a designated record OLE Object
field of a database.
The second part of the app writes the OLE Data object from the designated
field into the Stream object and saves the data to a unique file on a hard

Speed:  Looping through 10 arrays of data, 3K size each, in less than one

This functionality provides a means of saving data directly in a database
Previously, a pointer was used in a record to a file elsewhere.  If the
file is lost, or the
association is changed to the hard drive, the data cannot be accessed.
This technique
permanently associates the data in the database as an OLE object.
Potentially, since
the data is now an OLE Object it could be sent to other application as an
object directly.

BTW: There should be a server at Agilent available for VEE developers to
post contributions
and example/solutions such as this.  Just a suggestion.


Ted Sears

Eastman Kodak

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