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vrf Interpolation on Agilent 33220A Arb. generator - Arb. waveform

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 6, 2004
Hi all,

I am using an Agilent 33220A Arb. Generator.
I am using VEE to upload 10399 points defining a custom made waveform.

According to the manual the default interpolation is linear.
But I can see that the interpolation is OFF (from the front panel and output waveform), that means a "step-like" waveform.

Why and how can I change this to linear interpolation.
The manual states that this is only possible to change from the front panel but this is not possible (no change).

I upload the points as one binary block!
Can it be something related to the number of points ?
When I ask "Data:Attribute:points?" I get 10399
The manual states that it will expand the number of points to 16384 or 65536 points !

Venlig hilsen, Terveisin, Kind regards
Henrik Damborg Hald

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