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vrf IO libraries installed as a service. ( No logon

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 30, 2004

In general, using the IO libraries as a service does not work.

The first obstacle you will encounter is that a process named iprocsvrneeds to be running before you can do any IO.  This process normallystarts from a shortcut in the system startup program group, so it runswhen someone logs in.   Because a service will start beforeanyone logs in, iprocsvr will not be running, hence you can do noIO.  Your service could look for iprocsvr in the process listing andstart it if it isn't already running, but that leads to 2 additionalprobelms: iprocsvr tries to put an "IO" icon in the systemtray; and, unless you remove the shortcut from the system startup group,when someone logs in, they will see a message box stating that only 1copy of iprocsvr can run at a time.  If you have chosen to startiprocsvr from your service, it will most likely not be able to put anicon in the system tray, as the interactive desktop will probably nothave been loaded at the time the service starts.  This leaves yourusers wondering how to run IO config, etc. 

There is a second class of problem that I have found no good solutionto.  If the service is running under the Local System account, thereare systems on which any process linked against Visa will not be able toload visa32.dll, preventing any IO.  I don't know if this happenswith programs that use the sicl functions -- our system only usedVisa.  This doesn't happen on all systems, and I'm not sure whatcauses it, but, in one application, this problem showed itself in everysystem we sent to Europe.  The solution was to configure the serviceto run under some account other than Local System.  However, doingso prevents the service from interacting with the desktop, meaning thatrunning iprocsvr will not put the IO icon in the system tray under anycircumstances. 

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