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vrf I/O bottlenecks

Question asked by hansolofalcon on Oct 13, 2004
Hello from Gregg C Levine
I confess I don't know much about this family of scopes. But I can say
that I've seen software from Microsoft running on other digital
scopes, and noted the tag that they insist be everywhere. I think I
saw that model scope actually sorting its data on Excel 2000 at a
trade show once.
Gregg C Levine
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> Shawn Fessenden wrote the following:
> > Man, I'm flabbergasted. Look at it this way: You're designing a
> > module that's going to plug into what has got to be a finely
> > firmware system, and now VEE is the major CPU consumer. From where
I sit,
> > that means you have to have as complete a view of the firmware as
> Fun, isn't it!
> > Break it up. Don't even mess with software on the scope. It looks
like a
> > train wreck waiting to happen.
> >
> > Do the marketing people actually recommend using this as a
> > Darn! They got some Platinum nads! Either that or this thing has
> > hardware in it to rule the world. Jebus H! Either way, I'm
> See the attachment for the do's and dont's of fiddling with
Infiniium's Windows.
> I especially like that they say you can install Office 2000.... does
> include ALL of Office 2000?
> --
> Graeme Hilton
> Product Engineer
> Schlumberger Sensa

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