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vrf Communication Issues?

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 27, 2004

I have a data acquisition cabinet containing a VXI chassis and a PC which communicate via. firewire interface (controller).
A vee program runs locally using a DVM to read various signals which are fed into the system via. multiplexers.
We are attempting to collect the data and transport it across the LAN to another PC where it is displayed and logged.
The supervisory software (running on the remote machine) is written in VB.NET.
We find that we continually get bogus readings and have to go to the local PC (in the data acq. cabinet) and refresh
the VXI Resource Manager to clear the problem. This data is defined as type Real64 but it seems as if it somehow gets
changed to integer values.
I wonder if anyone out there has experienced similar simptoms and if so have you found a solution.

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