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vrf Difference in ActiveX interface between VEE5 and VEE6 execution m odes ??

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 4, 2004
> (the sizes of the arrays differs, which shouldn't matter, or?).

I don't think so - if those records are collected into an array then all the
contained arrays have to be the same size and shape, but that's not what it
says you're running into.

> What's the differences between the ActiveX interfaces regarding
> VEE5 and VEE6 execution modes?

That I don't know.

Ask the object author if the return variant contains a safearray of variant,
a record or a variant array - ask specifically what is the value of the vt
member. Knowing the value of vt will tell you exactly what VEE is getting
and exactly what the problem is. At one point there was a record type
specifier, but that has since fallen into disfavor and has been replaced by
safearray of variant.

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