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vrf dotnet example - and a message to the VEE writers....

Question asked by alex.barrett on Nov 4, 2004
VEE 7 vrf'ers? - Here's one for you....

Having trouble with .NET stuff...

If someone who knows could try this out and see what's going wrong, I would
be extremely grateful....

1. Open the DotNet example 'Selectfolder.VEE'

2.Copy the important stuff, (The Declare Variable, the Set
FolderBrowserDialog=.......  box and the Formula box which hangs off the
'Select a Folder' button

3. Copy these into a new VEE program and try to run it. - It won't.

Ok, so then I realised you had to reference the  'System.Windows.Forms'
namespace and it worked - but the 'Environment' variable now causes
trouble. If you rem that out it works as a whole, but I need to specify a
starting point.

does anyone know how to invoke this environment stuff? - I can't find it

As a side note to Agilent people, the example 'readme' files are too
difficult to understand, especially these dotnet ones. They tell you how
they work, but only in a language that someone who already knows about
dotnet would understand!! - Let's face it, if you already understand all
this you wouldn't need to look at the example!!

The readme file for the function above says..."Note that
System.Windows.Forms namespace is imported" - Well, yes... so?? - Is that
important? How do I do that?  WHY do I need to do that??

I understand what's happenng here.. it's the same when you write some test
software and you fall into the trap of writing the instructions in a way
that the writer would understand - not the user, so next time, perhaps in
VEE 8 or dare I say it in a VEE7.x release, could we have the examples with
a little more explanation which non programming Gurus like me can


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