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Panel Views in HP VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 21, 1996

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> Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 00:04:33 -0800
> From: (Alberto Schroth)
> Subject: Panel Views in HP VEE
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> My company purchased HP VEE (v3.12) in December, and I have been
> learning to program in this visual language since beginning of January.
>  I have a question regarding panel views.
> This is what I'm trying to do:  I'm writing a program to control a
> HP3852 Data acquisition Unit to scan temperatures and voltages. 
> However, I have more data that can be shown on one screen.  I was
> hoping to be able to create another panel view(user-function or object)
> to display the rest of my data that isn't shown on my primary panel
> view.
> The problem is: when a panel is brought up, the program halts until I
> close that panel.  This is no good since I'm am also controlling
> temperatures using power supplies off my program, therefore i need the
> data logger to continuously scan data while these different panels are
> viewed.
> Has anyone had any luck accomplishing this?  I was able to solve this
> problem in HP Basic.
> Background Info:  I'm running HP Vee (v3.12) on a Pentium 90 computer,
> 32Mb RAM.  I have the HP82335 card with HP-IB bus port.
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Yes, this is fairly easy.  Instead of using "Show Panel On Execute" use the functions "ShowPanel" and "HidePanel"
which are under the pulldowns Device->Panel->

Tom Sanders