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VRf Vee to Excel problems

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 18, 1996

You also can use Formula and For Count
to describe proper cell, which is Item in DDE object.

+---------+     +------------+      +-------------------------+
|For Count+--+  |  Fromula   |      |    To/From DDE          |
+---------+  |  |------------|      |-------------------------|
             +--+ "R1C"+(A+1)+------+ WRITE ITEM:a TEXT b EOL |
             |  +------------+      |                         |
             +--------+          +--+                         |
                      |          |  |                         |
                +-----+------+   |  +-------------------------+
                | Measurement+---+

- here, "Measurement" is the measurement routine like UserObject,
"b" in To/From DDE is the measured value.

Good Luck.

Ikuyo Tokunaga
Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd.
From: "andrew" <>
Subject: RE: VRf  Vee to Excel problems
To:, "Peter M. Andersson" <>
Status: RO

Have you tried collecting all of your data and then formatting the results
into an array in Vee?  Then use a "To File" block to write the result array
to a single file.  Under the "To File" PROPERTIES submenu, set the EOL
sequence to "
" and the array separator to "     " (tab).  EXCEL can then
easily read this file format.  Each element in the array will end up in a
different cell.  You can format the Vee array to suit your needs.

Hope this helps

Andrew Rhind
MicroUnity Systems Engineering
From: Peter M. Andersson on Tue, Mar 12, 1996 6:47 AM
Subject: VRf  Vee to Excel problems

We're having trouble getting our measured values into an excel sheet.
We want to get our results into excel after every measurement in
different columns, but excel writes over the previous value in the
first cell.
We've tried to put different escape characters in the EOL box but
none will work. If we put \ in the EOL box for an example excel will write a
after our value, but       will not work.
Please help us out!


Peter & Ola

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