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vrf VEE Pro and NI VI's and Measurement Computing USB d evic es

Question asked by rsb on Nov 5, 2004
"Drago, William @NARDAEAST <> wrote:
> Jim,
> I have had excellent results with VEE and the USB
> products from Measurement Computing as well.
> And, if you happen to need it, their tech support is outstanding.
> -Bill

Guess I'll chime in also- getting the PMD devices from Measurement
Computing working with VEE was nearly trivial. Way under an hour
starting "cold" (install driver in a few minutes, plug in the PMD,
configure, start talking). Longest part was reading the very
well-written documentation of the function calls and then creating
a def file for VEE- but even that was no more than a half hour.


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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