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HP VEE and VXIplug&play

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 25, 1996
Hello. I have a series of questions regarding HP VEE and it's compliance to
the VXI Plug&Play specification generally and regarding Plug&Play drivers
and SoftPanels for the HP1416 (Power Meter) and the HP1428 (Digital O-scope)

First of all the VXI Plug&Play spec states that compliance means that
drivers must include (according to the HP VXIplug&play Systems Alliance

1. C Function library files
      C Function library files contain a dynamic link library (.sll or .sl),
   ANSI C source (.c, .h), and a functionpanel file (.fp). This library
   uses the VISA I/O libary for all I/O functions.

2. Interactive soft front panel executable programs
      The soft front panel is a stand-alone executable program that
   provides an interactive, mouse-driven graphical interface to control
   an instrument and display the results. The soft front panel uses the
   VISA I/O library panel as well.

3. Knowledge base files
      The knowledge base file is an ASCII file that describes all of
   the specifications for an instrument, including card size, power
   specification, number of required slots, and ID.

4. Help files
      A Windows help file is provided to give programming exaqmples,
   information on the C function library, an instrument overview, and
   help for the soft front panel.

I am confused because we are currently investigating a program where
the target system is a Pentium connected to a VXI chassis via a MXI2
interface (ala National Instruments) and running Windows NT Workstation.
Two of the instruments to be hosted in the VXI chassis are HP instruments
(the HPe1416 and the HPe1428). I contacted my local HP Rep and was told,
unequivocally, that the instruments in question were fully supported, via
the specification details listed above (which were faxed to me in response
to my query) for Windows NT. And that HP VEE was, as a result, NOT required
on the target system to use the soft front panels.

My confusion comes from the fact that since that initial conversation, I
have received e-mail response from 2 other HP technical support reps who
say that all of the above is BS and that the ONLY way to use VEE front
panels for the two instruments in NT is to have an HP VEE license installed
on the target system.

So --
1. Are the HPe1416 and the HPe1428 supported under Windows NT Workstation?
2. Are the soft panels and drivers truly VXIplug&play compliant or must
   the soft panels be run under HP VEE?

Thanks for any assistance ANY of you can offer in firming this up for me.