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VRf- HP-UX VEE 3.21 .veeio problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 3, 1996
To: VEE Users

I am running VEE 3.21 on an HP 745i under HP-UX 9.
This has just been installed over the previuos version of VEE.

When  VEE is started the shell window scrolls repeating the following
message for every? entry in the .veeio file (regardless of whether our
old .veeio file or the default .veeio file is used):

"Caution: Error reading /users/tester/.veeio configuration file
     Internal Error: GetProcAddress failed: iserialctrl"

When I tried to add a driver (I used the HP3458A dmm) using
the I/O - other instruments menu option I got a BIG RED box
as follows:

          Serious Error!
Internal Error:  GetProcAddress failed: iserialctrl

     Please contact HP support.

CAUTION: Your program may have been corrupted!
Save your program, but do not overwrite the original file.
     Then exit and restart VEE.

     Error number: 999


Can anyone help me??????

Thanks very much

Rob Marquardt
System Test Engineering
Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley
FAX 414-382-4455