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VRf - VEE Code Counter

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 31, 1996

To: Vee reflector
From: Dave Andersen -
Re: Vee Code Counter

Hi All-

Well, the decision has come down about distributing the counter I told you
about a few weeks ago.  Of course, you know they don't want to just give it
away.  Anyway, I won't bore you with the details.  So, here is what I have
decided to do.

1)  Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the program, please send me an
email (using the above address) stating your interest and what version you
want (DOS/Windows, UNIX, HP-UX, VEE).  The program will be sent to you as a
"beta" for evaluation.  There are NO warrantees expressed or implied,
however, ALL rights to the program are reserved.

2)  As "payment" I would like for you to write a report (email is fine)
describing how you used the counter, did it help in tracking progress,
metrics, etc., what problems were encountered, and suggestions for
improvement or any other comments.  I would like you to put a little effort
into the report, please.

It is my hope that there is enough interest in the counting concept that HP
would like to acquire the rights and incorporate it directly into the Vee

Note:  If you request the VEE version, be advised that it runs much slower
than the other versions.  The advantage though is that the VEE version can
also count lines of C code that you may have written as DLLs, etc.