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Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 10, 1996
> Subject:       VRF-Repeat_Object_Problem

from Johannes Mulder, Philips Electron Optics
Just these days I am struggling with something like this (VEE3.12
under Windows):
I have problems with sequencing behind a UNTILL BREAK loop, and when
I step through my program, indeed the loop is not fired again. It
says 'Program terminated normally'. I don't have breaks in this
With normal running it seems the program still runs, but it does not
react on user input, so maybe it thinks it is stopped.

> from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD
> > Hello everybody:
> >
> > I've detected a strange thing that seems to be an apparently random
> > problem with repeat objects (at least 'For Count' and 'Until Break').
> > What I've seen is that sometimes the thread which is hosted by one of
> > this object is executed only once beacause the repeat object does not
> > fire again its output pin when all the thread has been executed.
> > This behaviour use to occur after a programme modification.
> > I solve it by replacing the repeat object by a new one of the same type.
> >
> > Does anyone detect something similar or have any explanation ?
> We have reports of this exact same behavior from a customer in Haifa right
> now ... this second report makes matters more interesting.  We have three
> possibilities:
>  % Propagation problem with program architecture.
>  % Corrupted VEE source file.
>  % As-yet-unknown VEE bug.
> Can we get a simple program we can run overnight to see if we can duplicate
> this bug?
With kind regards,

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