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VRf - ux printer customization

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 7, 1996

> From:   Arjen Bakker         Email:

> Hi everyone,

> I just subscribed on the Reflector and already got one question.
> I'm working with HP VEE 3.1 under HP-UX and I want to modify the printer
> settings. I want to pass some options to the "lp" command, such as no
> printing of a banner page or set the job to an other priority.
> The problem is that the printing command cannot be adjusted, so far as I
> know. With the "Default Preferences->Printer Configuration" menu it's not
> possible and even in the "/vee/xprinter/Xpdefaults" file it is not adjust-
> able.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution to this relative simple
> problem ??

> Kind regards,
> Arjen Bakker.

I'm currently using version 3.12 of vee under HPUX and I had a similar problem
quite some time ago. The aswer was simpled than the question:
- under 'default preferences' open the 'printing' folder.
- select a printer from the list or type an other, unlisted name
- to the selected name, add your options. I'm using:
        -onb -o12 -opr
   this gives me no banner, 12 characters per inch and formatting as with
   the unix pr program. Pages come in proper lengt with the pr option.
- don't (re-)select another printer without noticing the options because
   you have to type them again with the next selection!
In this way you can slightly customize printing. However vee laways uses 'lp' and
I have not found a way for it to use a custom printing command (rpr ?). I think
that would always be the best.

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