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Vee & Soundblaster & Network

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 31, 1996

Hi all!
First of all, thank you for Your help with the ComputerBoards Driver. I
got it from my norwegian dealer yesterday.
I have got some more questions:


1. Has anybody tried to drive a Soundblaster Card (PC) with HPVee.
How can I do that? Must I write a driver myself (how can I do that?) or
can I find it anywere?


2. Is it possible to show the results of a measurement on a other
Computer in a Network? F. e. on a Sun Station or a Silicon Graphics or
on an other PC with Win. I'm useing a TCP/IP 32 driver for my Win PC. I
didn't think on sending files by E-Mail because that ist to slow for our
use. I didn't realy want to drive Hp-vee on the remote (receiveing)
Computer. I thought to show the result in Excel or in a self written
TurboPascal or C program.


3. Can I Start a program (f. e. to drive the Soundblaster, or to read in
Data form the lpt port ) on a remote Computer?
Has anybody written such a vee program? How can I do that?


I'm looking forward to hearing from You.



Bjarne E. Roscher


Haukeland Sykehus
med. tek. avd.
Bergen / Norway