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VRf - Hogging the CPU

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 3, 1996
To:      HP via VRf
From:    Mike Groves
Company: Ericsson Inc. (Morgan Hill, CA USA)
Subject: When will VEE stop hogging the CPU?

Snipped from MXD Exchange For November 1996:

>* We had a customer problem in Europe in which VEE performed an Execute
>Program on a C application under HP-UX ... it appeared that the C program
>wasn't getting its fair share of execution time on the CPU, so the field
>person asked us what could be done to increase its priority.

Excuse me, but increasing the priority of the C application wouldn't be
required if HP VEE wouldn't be so darned HOGGISH with the CPU.  Run it
under NT and watch the task manager's performance graph go to the moon
and stay there anytime VEE is running.  Especially while it's doing
(Like waiting for a user's input.)

Your VEE developers at HP may only have one application running on their
machines at a time, but in the REAL world, OUR machines often have to do
a lot more than just run VEE.  The other applications all seem to be
somewhat considerate of the CPU and graciously share it with other
Not VEE.

I've been griping about this ever since the first version of VEE
was introduced.  I have watched version after version come out with the
same "When I'm running, I own the whole machine" attitude.  This was
perfectly fine for programmers in DOS days, but I'm afraid those days

When will this REALLY be addressed?