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VRF - Windows GPF and VEE red window errors

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 20, 1996
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We are having some problems with error handling and library deletions on
HPVEE 3.12 running on Windows 3.11.  Certain combinations will result in
Windows General Protection Faults or HPVEE red window errors. 
Unfortunately, we can't duplicate the problem with a simple program.  I
guess I'm just asking for general guidance to avoid problems of this type.

The following is a general diagram of what affects the errors.  Don't
bother trying it out, as it won't duplicate the errors in its simple form.
.+--------------+      userfunction. .|I/O object    |  +--------------+.
.|     Error Out|--|Error handler |. .+--------------+  |w/ or w/o exit|. .
                 |object        |. .                  +--------------+.
|Functions from|
|XXX.LIB       |
|Delete XXX.LIB|
|Normal Termination|  (e.g. not with menu bar stop button)

If an error occurred in the I/O object (e.g. timeout) and the error was
handled without doing an exit userobject from the error handler, a GPF
error sometimes occurs when the program terminates normally.

If a handled error occurs and the exit userobject is performed from the
error handler, a HPVEE red window is displayed at normal termination.  This
problem only occurs when a "downstream" function has been deleted.

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