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Vrf - VEE memory usage...

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 15, 1996
We too, have a very large program written in VEE.  We found some of these
techniques to be useful:
     - Use userfunctions to reduce duplicate code.
     - Use direct I/O rather than instrument drivers.  This will make a big
     difference in both the size and performance of your code.
     - Use formula calls that incorporate the contents of multiple user
     objects.  For example, use A/(B+C) in a formula rather than the math
     user objects.  You can fit a lot of things into formulas.
     - Load and Unload libraries of functions that are not actively being
     - If you have a long string of instrument commands, you might consider
     storing them in a text box, and feeding them into a direct I/O object.
     - Keep any object or function descriptions to a minimum.  We include
     descriptions on functions only.
     - Compiled functions in C can be used to expand VEE if you are doing
     something where you need tight, fast code.
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Subject: Vrf - VEE memory usage...
Author:  "Alex Studnev" <> at BALT.SMTP
Date:    12/11/96 4:48 PM

To: VEE reflector
From: Alex Studnev
     This became a problem to me with a relatively large project,
     which consumes memory much more than it actually needed. Now my
     relatively small project on VEE consumes more memory than all
     applications i have
     ( approximately 40 Mbytes ).
     In VEE, memory is not freed on object inputs after they operated
     and this seems to be the major reason for such behaviour.
     So, the question arised:
     1) How to avoid this ? - may be some programming techiques ?
     2) How does VEE _really_  manage with memory ?
     With such memory usage, my project in the nearest future will consume
     all memory which could be installed on the motherboard ( 128K )!!!