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Vrf - Missing Socket workaround

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 25, 1996
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>real time. In other words, I want to be able to just sit down at a remote
>computer at any time, and load another HP VEE program which, when run, will
>connect to the other computer and read the data coming in from the
Suggestion 1:

Use a To/From socket with an error output to to trap the missing socket
problem. ( Haven't tried this myself )

Suggestion 2:
A simple solution is one that I've already successfully utilised is just
to write the data, along with date and time info, to a network text file
or VEE Dataset with the 'Clear  File at Prerun' box checked. This will
result in a file containing only the last data recorded. It's simple,
then, to have a remote computer read the file continuously ( I'm using
Excel + Visual Basic ) and update a display whenever it reads fresh data
from the file.

I've found, when doing this, it's important to remember an explicit
'Execute CLOSE' at the end of 'To File' write transactions so that the
file doesn't risk appearing locked to other applications trying to read
the file later.

Perhaps other correspondants will come up with better, but I hope this
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