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VRf-ease of DDE under windows

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 2, 1996
Hello Cathy,

> I am currently using HP VEE version 3.0 under windows 3.11. I am using
> VEE with a number of test instruments to perform an automated test
> sequence.
> I am relatively new to using VEE, and am seeking to output the results in
> number format (from the HP VEE) to an Excel spreadsheet, for reporting
> purposes.
> Does anyone know the best way to do this, or have any pitfalls to avoid?

There's one pitfall I came accross, and it has to do with a bug in the
to/from DDE object. It concerns the Row/Column identifier the object
uses to let Excel know in which cell the data has to be written. If I
am right, it is not possible to directly write something like:
"R",row,"C",column in the item field, and using 'row' and 'column' as
data inputs. In any case, the solution is to make the string "RxCy"
outside the to/fromDDE object (with a To String obeject), add a data
input to it, for example named RxCy and using this variable in the item

This is a known bug, and on the web site of HP you can find information you
need on this subject.

I hope this helps.

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