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VRF-Need Help on VEEflow with HP83000/82000 Firmware command

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 1, 1997
If you can locate the hardware I/O port for the the battery meter and read
back a binary status word that makes sense, you could implement that with
the PeekPoke DLL available from the HP VEE FTP site.  That would save you
from writing a DLL yourself.  Don't expect it to generate an interrupt -
you'll have to poll it continuously. 

With software development so expensive and hardware so cheap, you could use
a $1000 DMM to hang across the mains that has limit tests.  Set it up to
generate an SRQ when the voltage falls below spec.  VEE can interrupt on an

If you are only using the speaker to warn the operators, you could write a
background program to run alongside VEE and have it work completely

I haven't tried any of this, so you can dismiss this as clueless chatter...

Jim Kneale
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Subject: Vrf: Portable Computers accessing the Battery Meter
Author:  Alasdair Wilkie <> at BALT.SMTP
Date:    1/2/97 3:36 PM


Happy New Year to everyone.

A small problem but one that I believe someone out there can overcome for me.

I am using a portable pc (Panasonic CF62), together with a PCMCIA GPIB card,
Win95 and VEE 3.21.

My pc is accessing a number of instruments and is being used unattended.

My problem is how can I get HP VEE to access the battery meter that is on the
system tray to tell me when the mains power has been lost and warn the
operators, via the soundcard and external speakers.

I believe that the driver being used is powercfg.dll but am not 100% sure.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Many thanks

Alasdair Wilkie