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VRF-Tabular form

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 13, 1997

to: Vrf
date: Moday, 13 Januari 1997

Dear Sir,

We have written an HPVEE program with lots of technical presentations in  
tabular form. When using the LOGALPHA object, the problem is that there  
are no fixed column widths unless you have used an "equally spaced" font  
(e.g., courier). You can write the character "     " but it will be ignored  
by the LOGALPHA object. Another way is to use the TO STRING object and  
format fixed column widths. Here the problem is that the column width is  
measured as a number of characters and the width will therefore depend on  
the selected font. A proportional font will also be dependant of the  
contents of the string (e.g., the character "W" uses more space than  

Are there other ways of displaying data in tables?
If you have any suggestions or solutions, pleas let us know.
Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully

Stefan Westh
FFV Matteknik AB