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VRF-Need_help: Counterproblem

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 8, 1997
Bjarne Roscher
Haukeland Hospital
N-5021 Bergen
Tel. ++4755973038


1. I've had some poblems with counters. The attached Program worked with my
Computerboards Card but after installing the Intel Configuration Manager
(for PnP) I got a problem with the first counter. The problem is that it
runs free. That means that it dosn't care about the signals which it gets
from the "cbCln". It seems like the counter only cares about the "On Cycle"
which is set to 0.
But when i take a Display => "AlphaNumeric" and put that behind the "cbCln"
then it counts from 65k downwards (at right speed -with frequency of input):

What's wrong?

Is it not allowed to use a counter in this way (behind a on cycle)?

then I tried to take a formula after the "cbCln" with the content 65535-a)
*When I feed the result of the "formula 1" into the  "A mod 128" the "2.
Counter" doesn't work right. (It count's like that: 4,8,12,16,.....) but it
is supposed to work like 1,2,3,4,5......
What's wrong?

2. I was trying to use the Program to play sound Files with vee ( X2Of2 form
9.12.96) but I get the error massage form the mplayer that it can't play
this kind of standard wav's. When I play that wav directly it works fine!

Any solution?

Thank You all in advance.

Yours Bjarne Roscher