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VEE 3.1 on Windows NT 4.0

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 19, 1996
> Mhz machine... this was last Saturday.  I moved the entire package from
> where it was installed (C:VEE31) to a new spot (C:WORK_RELATEDVEE31)
> and tried to fire it up on Sunday... it would only fired up what I think
> is a runtime-only version (you know no menu bar, etc.).

VEE like many packages has as part of it's config environment settings
in some of the system files. Not familiar with NT (yet!) so don't know
which one to point you to, but poke around in the usual places.

This would explain the "run-only" appearance (couldn't find the menu
definition file) and the "no id" (couldn't find that either).

hope this helps

Stan Bischof