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VRf-DLL's and string problems

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 23, 1997
VRf users:

I have functions in a DLL with this general prototype:
     int test_dll(char *disp_buf)
     {   strcpy (disp_buf, "SUCCESS");
          return 1;

In HP_VEE I call this compiled function like this:

   Constant               Compiled Function
     Text                   ----------------------------------
--------------------       |                       Ret Value |------Alpha
|                   |------|disp_buf               disp_buf  |------Alpha
--------------------       -----------------------------------

Everything works fine if I do not include the strcpy line listed above.  I
get General Protection Faults when I do include it.  This indicates that no
memory is being allocated by the Constant Text box to store my return string.
I can fill in the text box with a dummy string (same length as expected
return string), but this seems a cheesy workaround.  I have also tried an
Allocate Array (Text) type of input but the I get an error indicating that
the Compiled function requires a Scalar input.

What are the proper input and output types required to make this work? 

Don Buchanan