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need advice: VEE and parallel port

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 10, 1997
Vrf: need advice: VEE and parallel port
>From Johannes Mulder,

For some reasons I'm looking for dataaquisition via the parallel port
of a PC using a parallel-to-GBIP adapter like NI's GPIB-1284CT.
This card comes with NI-488.2 software for windows and is promised to
work with LabVIEW.
My question:
-Will this work under VEE, or is there any other parallel-to-GPIB which
will run under VEE (Keithley has a similair interface)?
-Does anybody have some experience with solutions like this?
With kind regards,
  Johannes Mulder           
  Philips Electron Optics            tel +31 40 2766947
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