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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 10, 1996
Hello all,

Here are my survey answers:

1: Do you make use of the PCTM web site? (Y/N)


2: If "N", is is because you have tried and failed to obtain access? (Y/N)

The following questions assume that you can access the site.  If you can't,
you need go no further.

3: If you use the PCTM web site, do you find access to it comparable to other
web sites, or slower?  (comparable/slower).

This depends. In the (Europe !) morning, when the USA is asleep, I have no problems
and get 2 KBytes/sec, faster than many other sites. In general I have no
complaints about speed. (Our site has a 2 Mb connection to the internet)

4: Would you have any problems if we moved the web site to a public (non-HP)
Internet service provider?  (Y/N).


5: Right now, HP has a number of different web sites that are not entirely
consistent in appearance or usage.  Do you find this a serious problem? (Y/N)


6: If it is a problem, do you believe it appropriate that the PCTM web site
be shut down until such time as it conforms to HP spec?  (Y/N)

NO, dont shut it down !!

Any other comments on our networking services would be appreciated.

There is a clear seperation between UNIX and PC users on the PCTM site.
For example, there are VEE PNP drivers for PC's but none for HPUX !
Since I am a HPUX user I don't like that !

On the other hand, I dont care where I get the information and how it is
presented, as long as I can get it !!! Therefor I find the PCTM server
a good initiative !


Frank Bouwman