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VRf-Help on printing

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 4, 1996
To:     HP VEE Reflector
From:   Arjen Bakker         Email:

Hi everyone,

I just subscribed on the Reflector and already got one question.
I'm working with HP VEE 3.1 under HP-UX and I want to modify the printer
settings. I want to pass some options to the "lp" command, such as no
printing of a banner page or set the job to an other priority.
The problem is that the printing command cannot be adjusted, so far as I
know. With the "Default Preferences->Printer Configuration" menu it's not
possible and even in the "/vee/xprinter/Xpdefaults" file it is not adjust-
Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution to this relative simple
problem ??

Kind regards,
Arjen Bakker.