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vrf VXI Based Computers

Question asked by michael.asbery on Aug 20, 2001

I am looking to upgrade a HP-UX Based HP743 embedded VXI controller to a
similar VXI based controller running Windows 2000.  I am looking for
candidate computers and whether there are any caveats with regards to
Agilent's Vee compatibility.  My current Vee application uses both VXI and
GPIB devices, so I need an embedded controller that is compatible with the
VEE I/O Libraries for these interfaces.

Our current candidates are the Radisys EPC-1316 or the National Instruments
: VXI-PC871.  Does anyone have any experience using these computers,or any
others, with Vee?  Any comments good or bad can be sent to me off list.

Thanks for your help,


Michael N. Asbery, NRL Code 5733.20, (202)404-3014, DSN 357 fax (202)404-7661          

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