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Vrf Time on the X scale.

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 30, 1996
In message <>, David Goldbrenner
<> writes
>I have to use From String to turn it into an
>integer. It then plots, but it appears as gazillions of seconds, which
>isn't useful. Is there any way I can plot text labels on the x axis? Thanks
>                                        Dave
>David H. Goldbrenner
>Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
Hi Dave

One thing you could do is get the gazillion time of the *first*
measurement by using 'From String'-> 'To Real' and then subtract that
constant value from the time of every measurement taken.
The result will be that your X scale will have 0 as it's first value and
all time values will be relative to zero time; ie the start of the test.

Hope this helps.
Gerry Murray