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Plotting large values using "XY Trace"

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 18, 1997 wrote:
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>      Hello.
>      I need to plot several values whose mean is around 1E+7, but the
>      values differ from each other by less than 1E-6 %. When I plot with
>      autoscale, Y-axis shows 10M as an ordinate for all the values, even
>      though they appear in right places on the screen. The same is true if
>      I try to use Markers: the ordinate is 10M for every point on the
>      curve.
>      The question: how can I increase the resolution to make it show the
>      real values?
>      Thank you.

I believe you'll find that the display object inherits it's number
properties from the program's "default properties".

Hence you can set the number of significant digits to large value
and see all the digits you want. Note that you'll of course
have to make the plot large enough to display these wide numbers.

Wouldn't this perhaps be slightly friendlier for the user if you
plotted/displayed a "delta" value rather than. Pretty hard for the
end user to get much info from two 10 digit numbers only differing in the
last place of two.

Stan Bischof