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VRf - Peek&Poke Memory

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 13, 1996
Subj: VRf - Peek & Poke Memory
From: Peter Fender,
Date:  Aug. 14, 1996

Does anyone know of a compiled function library (.dll) for
VEE for Windows that will allow reading and writing to and
from memory ?
Restricting it to the base 64K segment is okay, since I am
interested in the BIOS data areas.
(I think Windows defines a protected mode selector for the
first 64K of memory.).

I have a library that allows reading and writing I/O ports,
but I do not have the source, or know who wrote it.
( I 'inherited' it from by predecessor.)

By the way,
Is there a list of Frequently Asked Questions for VEE ?
Or a list of known bugs and workarounds ?

I'm using VEE 3.12 on Windows 3.1.

Peter Fender
E-Systems ECI Div.
St. Petersburg, Florida,  USA