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VrF-GPIB connection in HP-VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 19, 1997
I am using a HP 82340 GPIB board in Quantex Pentium computers to
connect to either a HP DMM 34401A (IEEE 488.2 compliant) and/or a Tektronix
scope 2220 (488.1).

Im very many cases, I will boot up both the instrument first and then
the computer and run Instrument Finder which will then find the
appropriate instruments.  Attempting to communicate with the new HP
DMM will not always succeed but will return an ID about half the time.
Running an HPVEE program will often get stuck requiring me to cntrl
alt del and find that HPVEE is not responding at which point I will
end the task (Running Windows 95, btw). Running Instrument finder
very quickly says "No devices found"  after "scanning for device 700"
is flashed very breigly on teh screen .Rebooting is required to find
instruments attached to the interface.

Other times the system boots up fine, data can be collected all day
I have hooked the interface up to two different machines. One is a
133 Mhz Pentium that is in constant use and has been extremely
reliable while the 120 Mhz Pentium has a more troubled past and still
ocasionally boot sup and says that Explorer has caused an error and
must be shut down.  No correlation betwen thi sevent and the working
of the HPVEE program.
Any one else in hpvee land have similar hardware type problems or
does the GPIB work "first time, everytime" and what could running the
HPVEE program do to cause the instruments to disapear and prvent
scanning of all adresses.
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From: Andersen Dave <>
To: Stan Bischof <>
Subject: RE: Re[2]: VRf - Need driver for HP1652B
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 97 17:00:00 MST

Stan -
I finally got this thing working today.  What I ended up having to do is
each write command had to be in its own direct I/O box and then all the read
commands after the query had to be in one I/O box by themselves (I parsed
out the header info using different read statements).  That seemed to do the
trick.  I also had to do a one byte read as the last statement in the read
block to clear out the ending linefeed otherwise I got a "query INTERRUPTED"
error the next time I sent any command (I used a binary read to pull in the
data).  Thanks for your help!

My job tomorrow is to figure out how to command some of the other things,
i.e. what to trace and what to trigger on, ... , so that I can automate my
data collection.

>From: Stan Bischof
>To: P26278
>Cc: gvg
>Subject: Re[2]: VRf - Need driver for HP1652B
>Date: Thursday, February 20, 1997 2:41PM
>Andersen Dave <> wrote:
>> I found the drivers you are referring to (so far I can't get it to work
>> either).  I am using the driver.
>> I am trying to get the direct I/O method going but am getting errors on
>> analyzer screen.  The persistent error right now is "query UNTERMINATED"
>> VEE returns a time-out error.  I have tried setting the read and write
>> terminators in the direct I/O configuration to "
" and "".  I have found

>> that I need to set the write to "" in order to make the write work.  Any
>> suggestions on what might be wrong??  I am using the HPBasic example
>> programs in the HP1652B programming reference as a guide.
>Not sure I can be of much help here. However on eitem does
>occur to me. I did have a similar situation where I verified that
>RMB and VEE (DIO) were sending/receiving identical characters to an
>but the VEE work was creating an error. Even checked this on a real
>bus analyzer to verify.
>Finally looked a liitle closer and found that there was a difference
>in the _hardware_ signals. In particular VEE was not sending EOI.
>You might take a look at the DIO config and try setting
>END (EOI) on EOL:  to YES instead of the default NO
>this did the trick for me and might help.
>Stan Bischof

From: Andersen Dave <>
To: Stan Bischof <>
Subject: RE: Re[4]: VRf - Need driver for HP1652B
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 97 08:04:00 MST

>Glad to help
>I suppose that I should point out (in the slight offchance that you weren't
>aware) that as long as you are doing DIO you are _NOT_ using the driver!
>Out of curiosity, does the driver indeed work for you?

On first try, it didn't work, but there may have been some other problem.
Now that I have the DIO working I don't plan on using it so will not pursue
it further.