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VRf-options in MSC

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 4, 1996
At 04:24 PM 4/5/96 MET-1, you wrote:
> does anybody have experience with Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 ?
>I-m creating DLL for VEE by this means and I have some guestions
>about the compiler options:
>The recomended set of them is this:
>/ALw /GD /Gs /Zpi /W3
> I had problems with returning doubles from VEE. I  tried to
>compile with /Gw instead /GD and it works! But I'm not sure if it is
>the correct way (Gw is for real mode and /GD for protected mode).
>What consequences can I encounter later on?
> About /AL:
> From the MS Environment and Tools Book:"A program destined to be a
>Windows DLL can use only a single data segment." I use VEE for data
>aquisition, so a huge space for the samples is required(each large
>than 64kB). How to treat the situation of having 4 huge arrays in DLL?

I have used MS C++7.0 DLL's with VEE.  I alos had a problem with recommended
set of parameters.  I use the following three commands to build my DLL's

cl -c -EM -ALw -Gsw -Zpi -W3 calcdata.c
link /NOE /NOD calcdata /align:16,calcdata.dll,, libw ldllcew,calcdata.def
rc calcdata.dll

I have passed 1 and 2D double arrays to and from the DLL's successuflly.  I
have not dealt with large arrays.  You may be able to call the DLL from a
count loop.  I have discovered however that the looping structures in Vee
are extremly slow at least on Windows 3.1.  If you can process in chunks,
the program will be much faster. 

Please let me know how you make out, I may have an application that will
require processing large arrays also.

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Dear Sir,

Maybe SCCS is a better choice than RCS under these conditions.
(I think it stores the whole new file, not only the deltas --> a lot of disk space necessary)

     Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Best regards,

                              A. Schwarz